Friday, November 5, 2010

hit with a brick

I recently realized that not everyone comprehends special education.

seriously. They don't understand what things are and what they mean. Like when someone is in a self contained program. That means they have to learn differently than someone else. It also means that they need a LOT more supervision.

My son isn't like that. He is doing very well and maturing rapidly. He also doesn't approve of my blog. That is Ok, there are things I don't like him doing either.

When you realize that people are either deluded, or just stupid about special ed, it is really hard to know what to think next. Do I go into the "educational mode" and try to explain how Aspies are different at all different levels? Or do I do the "stompping" routine? (never works for me, I am not a stomper). My most normal route, is to "cut and run". Why bother to explain to people who either don't want to understand or understand how things are and could give a rats butt.

Not all Aspies are liers. Neither are they all stupid, nor are they incapable of having full and wonderful lives. After what we have been thru recently, I am still trying to figure out how these people know special ed, but truely know nothing at all.