Sunday, November 21, 2010


we learn new stuff every day.
Today's lesson is still being "processed". In "Aspie-land" (where we are most of the time) processing (which means discussion, learning, and teaching) can either work quickly or have to take a LLLLLOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGGG time. I think this latest lesson is gonna take a while.
There are days when living in Aspie-land is OK, we are allright and things are running smoothly. Then there are days when it aint so hot. Right now we are in tepid water. Neither too hot or too cold; things are smoothe, to a degree....and we are OK....just OK, that's it.
Being OK, or average or bleh or whatever is working for us right now. To many that might not seem like a good idea. For my husband and I, we are so emotionally drained, we need the break from the emotionalism. I need to get rid of my white hairs too; in the last month my hair is turning almost grey/white  going thru all this. Oddly enough, this isn't to do with our son's misbehavior or attitude or Aspergers. It is with other people; mostly gens (people w/out Aspergers)....

I wonder what these other people would do if they were in Aspie-land on a more regular might be good for them to learn a little bit first hand.

Or maybe learn a little bit more about compassion and that all kids on the spectrum are not the same. Just because one does one thing does not mean they all do it. For example, if one has a perception issue, another MAY have a perception issue but in a different way....not the same as the Aspie-kid over there. It is all different. Kind of like how God made everyone different, labeling the hairs on our heads. And each Aspie is different.

An Aspie teaching there is an interesting job for you.....I am definitely gonna read that book when it comes out....

Oops, my mistake. I wrote it.       

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