Monday, July 5, 2010

Escaping technology

Have you ever wondered what we did without constant communication?

After working an intense temp job recently, my husband decided that my son and I needed to be tech free for a few days. Not  a bit of access to a computer. Nada, and no cell phones, video games or FB or anything.

So what did 2 techno geeks do w/out their forms of communication. Well the boy fished, ALOT. I worked on a wedding sampler that I have been designing using antique sampler patterns. Oh and we went someplace where cell signals don't work. Am I eager to get back to techno. Well, NO I am not. I would rather not deal with the fallout. I am also not telling people, unless I know they will worry, if we are gonna do it again.

We had real conversations with our 15 year old Aspie. He looked out the window, fell asleep in the car and got bored (NO!) and helped with 3 sick kitty cats. He was a typical for just a little while. He expressed real opinions and concerns (Even though one was about missing History Dectectives). I was informed of something he wants me to do.... or at least look in to.

OH THE PLACES YOU WILL GO; w/out the IPOD, computer and video games.

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