Thursday, January 5, 2017

Going after the disabled because they are disabled

The recent wave of crime against a disabled white 18 year old by 4 (four) african american 18-24 year-olds sent literal chills down my spine.
Initially my response on FB (a rare public comment btw) was this:

No one has any idea how this terrifies me. It could easily happen to my son. Going after a disabled man, torturing him, abusing him and it's not a hate crime because he is disabled? Making pathetic excuses for harming someone who is disabled I hope the people who did this to this guy burn in hell. This makes me totally sick to my stomach.

Then came this from the Chicago Police - they didn't know if it qualified as a "hate crime". SERIOUSLY? Why because it was disabled on disabled (??) Really?

My reaction/disappointment was pretty plain to see:
Pretty much says it all and another reason for us to avoid going downtown.
"It’s hard to imagine how this is not politically or racially motivated given the remarks. Not to mention picking on a disabled person because they think they can."
That's right, the disabled don't count. They are there to allow abuse and not respond.
 Disgusting - choosing to pick on someone who can't defend themselves but by God let's cut more services for these young adults.  I will bet this kid thought he was with "friends". The disabled crave friendship and the abuse this guy endured is beyond any human understanding. Horrible horrible people that harmed him.  Color/race doesn't matter. Picking on the "least of these" (it's in the Bible people. Could mean anything from poor people and those who need additional mental/physical help) Harming a person like this in our "enlightened modern society" is an unpardonable crime; by anyone. ANYONE.Chicago police chief needs to do his job and protect this disabled kid and other disabled like him from people like these abusers. End of.
THE THOUGHT that struck me on the drive home from work tonight- 
The IL common practice of putting BD (behavior disordered) students in with people with medically diagnosed disabilities is really prevent and over common in the education community. My God how many times did it happen to our boy in school? Regularly. What comes to mind is when the boy was blamed but it was others at fault but because he is disabled it is automatically his fault. So putting this kid with other students who are more likely on the BD segment; well that is just an accident waiting to happen. (NO SHIT SHERLOCK it happened)
This is much much worse. These (using the word people is repellant to me) thugs, users, worms.... anyway so they got into a mock fight then the four took this kid, kidnapped him and messed him up really badly. WTF. and were texting the parents at the same time? What horrible excuses for did they come up with? It was his disability not his color? Seriously? It was both. Those losers targeted a disabled 18 year old, tormented and abused him and what, thought they could get away with it? 
If it was the other way around the rioting in the streets would have been out of control.
Harming ANYONE who is disabled is a sin against all that is holy. I do not care if said disabled is purple with pink fucking polka dots NO ONE is allowed to harm those who are in need of more. Even if the disabled person is the biggest asshole on the plant - there is NO reason for anyone to be intentionally harming, tormenting or abusing said person.
My God it could have been the boy. My kid could have been in this same situation. This is just one more thing I have to work on with him to keep him safe. I totally understand why it is safer to hide away in a basement but we can't do that. AND now we have to warn, and protect our kids against people that they think may be friends and question the other persons motives?
Don't like new people?
Don't trust others?
Don't step out of your box?
Don't, don't, don't............
HOW dare they hurt another person who probably would have given his life for any one of them.
HOW dare they act like a disabled person doesn't matter.
WHO do they think they are? Obviously they are so much better than a disabled person that they had to go after one to prove their superiority? WTF.

I will say I am glad the Chicago PD filed charges. Thank you for that officers, That is slightly re-assuring. Not sure I want my son or myself hanging out in the lovely murder capital of the US but it is a start.
I hope all 4 of those thugs/users/worms rot in jail. Naturally there are reports that they have no remorse. They wouldn't as they probably have no souls either. There is no excuse for their behavior and I will tell any and all it has scared the be-Jesus out of me and I am absolutely terrified of any new persons suddenly coming into my son's life.
My son thought that new people got the third degree before? Damn he hasn't seen anything yet. Some new person comes around they better be ready for an application, reference requests and a background check.

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