Thursday, September 10, 2015

One never knows.....

W all the mess going on we had some "regular" chores to do recently.  
The boy HAD to renew his drivers license.  Almost everyone knows the unmitigated joy of doing this.  

I'm quite certain those poor people who work there see it all.  

I had the boy go up alone to speak to the reviewer.  He was doing ok but off the cuff ASPIE comments can be a little much for some people. For example, "I think I need to wait to be a donor I don't want to curse myself and die too soon"
That one cracked her up.  

I couldn't hear what else was said but I did ask him if he was giving the reviewer a bad time.  He said "No Mom I'm almost done go sit down."  Then at the cashier line (I'm the checkbook) another lady came by and told me how polite the boy was answering all the questions. 
Huh. Who knew. 
We must be doing something right. Kind of a shocker that was.  

Oh and the guy who found my wallet and returned it to me (w nothing missing I have no $$ anyway) - you are an amazing wonderful person. Thank you again!!!!


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