Monday, September 7, 2015

13 weeks

The boy has 13 weeks and he will be done w school except for 1 class.  Then completely finished. 

13 weeks. I often wonder if we should have forced him out when he first graduated.  Go away to school figure it out good luck.  

I honestly don't believe he could do it.  His big issue right now is that at 21, well, he's kind of a jerk.  I hear most are that way but this has been going on for awhile.  

That and he doesn't fix meals for himself, he quit the cooking major and quit cooking entirely.  He used to make paninis, omelettes, quiches, anything. Now forget it.  He won't even make a cold meat sandwich.  

Today I had to work.  I had not set up the vitamins/pills for the week.  Forgot it. I've worked the last 6 days in a row.  My patience is shot. He has this OCD thing where if it's not the right day he won't take it.  Which is stupid. It's the same every day. AM & PM. So I did the weekly set up and told him to go take it.  

I still believe his problem is pooping.  No shit out and behavior is God-awful terrible.  
Taking a dump is mandatory.  

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