Saturday, November 2, 2013


We are adjusting to change. The boy is in a new place and getting used to making "grown up decisions"

To say it was not going well is pretty much an understatement.
However, to show where we are at...well we are exhausted. All I want to do is take a major vacation.

We just had one.

The boy is irritable, he is having fun and doesn't want to study or work hard. Counseling at the higher education level is a joke. He needs to have some one tell him to get off his duff and study. We now had to hire someone to do it.....and academic coach. It is kind of expensive. Yes the boy is paying for it himself. He needs the motivation to do the work and I still don't get how he did so well in HS but now is not able to do homework on his own or make an effort when he isn't at home.

The best part is, I have started charging him for my time. If I help him with notecards for his one class it is $.50 for each replacement card. If I type his notes it is $5.00 a sitting.
I haven't WANTED to be this way but I am finding that he has MORE respect for my time if I do.

We are still dealing with problems... he is not grasping that the cute one and I are not going to go along with him dictating terms to us about the whys and wherefores. Shouting and cussing at me does not make me do what he wants me to do. I do the opposite or I do nothing at all.

I realize he has had a lot of changes but it is time to pull on the big boy pants and cope with it. Aspies and others need to realize that the world doesn't stop for them and their little tantrums. They have to be able to function in the world and deal with the fallout.


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