Friday, March 1, 2013

rubbing cat butt

This morning, like ever other, started with an OK bit, then a bunch of shouting about how I am "an old poop" I was then told to "fudge off" then "I hope you have a rotten day and die because that is what you deserve."

After the boy left, I came over to the computer and sat down....yet in another state of ....depression, sadness, tiredness....OK that works.
Then Garfield, or Kitten, came by. He got on my lap and shoved his kitty butt in my hand and wanted attention. He has always had kitty butt is like he has arthritis in his hip joints and wants to be rubbed until it stops hurting.
Then he crawls on my lap and sticks his butt on my left wrist and his head on my right and starts to purr. He hates the shouting and will do anything to make it stop....the other cats will meow, come scratch us or pull at a jeans leg to get the cuter half and I to walk away and ignore the problems.

The yelling this AM all started because I wouldn't let the boy bring video games to school for a club meeting. In my defense, his teacher told me he would let me know when the boy could do so and I haven't heard so the boy is mad at me because I was waiting to hear from the club sponser.

I am so tired of fighting over video games. If I had my way I would take them all and sell them and be done. Instead, we fight.

I regret the day I let the cuter half talk me into letting the boy have the video game systems. That was the stupidest thing we could have done. My biggest regret....and I choose not to live with regrets. Life happens the way it does. I constantly wonder what would happen if we didn't have the systems in the house and how much easier things would be.

 Ten years ago, I was weak and I said, "OK" to letting video games and the systems come in here.

Big, stupid mistake.

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