Wednesday, August 11, 2010

9 1/2 Pounds

What is 9 1/2 pounds?

In metric it is 4.30912752 kilograms. It is also the size of a fish, there are people who have had 9 lb babies, and there is my son who has lost that much weight in about 3+ weeks. We have continued with the diet and exercise plan. Frankly, I am a little apprehensive. He is telling me that he is not happy about the diet itself, but is happy about the weight loss. My first thought is "Oh great a kid with an eating disorder here we go." Then I heard that there were others in the family that were on the low cholesterol and diet plan.

I think that we are on the right track, but it is hard to stay motivated when there is a kid who is a crank and a half. He is moody and irriatable. It is not fun to be here right now. His normal is pretty demanding, just generally, so add a diet change and we are in a place that isn't a whole lotta fun. I am running for cover (not literally). Today I hid in the family room watching the "Harry Potter" series and wondering how I ended up with Dudley.

On a different note, I was scrapbooking today (for those non-crafters I was organizing my family photos). I had about 3 books in various stages of disrepair. I decided that since I have the time (and no money for beer ha ha) I would re-organize pictures into an album. Some of this is one shot dealies... for example: we went to a baseball game or went to a memorial exhibit, you know the drill. Anyhow, I had over taken the dining room. Several large boxes of pics, albums, templates and paper, stickers,glue is everywhere. And what do you know, the boy child decides to talk to me. He is trying to work out our differences. Or more accurately, he is trying to talk me into what he wants me to do (not happening, hotstuff).

It should be amusing that he wants to have me learn about what he is thinking and feeling. However, his abilty to understand what I am thinking and feeling is a whole nother ball park. The comprehension for that part isn't there yet. He is workingon it, but he still hasn't gotten it down yet. We keep hoping, and we have been told that the atypical's (AKA gen's) have the same issues. Much of this seems to be the hs garbage that all kids are trying to throw at the parents. Unfortunately for my kid, Mom and Dad didn't just fall off the turnip truck (one of my Dad's sayings).
Today's arguement was over video games.The boylost again. One has to admire his persistance, but he needs a change in venue and tactics. The current way is not working for him. I think he needs lessons in technique....would it be unfair to teach him? I think I should, but I am tired of the discussions and endless questions and demands. Refrasing the question doesn't help. It makes the mom of the house more annoyed than anything else. I think teaching him would give rest to others and be totally unfair to my husband and I.

I think, ifthe boyhad realized how frustrated I really was maybe his decisions would have been different. my initial aggrivation came from the clothes washer quitting on me today. I couldn't get the thing going and someone is supposed to come by and look at it tomorrow. Making demands of me, and never shutting up about them, is likely to make the mom of all trades a tad cranky after having to manually dump out the water from the washer with a plastic container to the sink. Although the boy child helped, it was not without constant discussion and asking for what he wanted in no uncertain terms. Naturally, it got stale real quick.
The end result was the boy took a nap, I worked on the dishes and reorganizing the status of the photo albums and then took a long overdue walk with my husband. Mentally I am worn down. And a little sad. My sister is in town. I would have liked to seen her and her familya bit, but I am not going to subject myself to an afternoon of my son being a royal pain inmy neck and try to be social at the same time. It is too hard and too stressful. As I have said before, I am saying "No" to stuff I would have said "Yes" to in the past.Primarily, becuase I am now working on what is best for my son (and my mental health)and how to avoid completely stressful situations (going to the mall with no money and a shop-a-holic teenager-ICKO) having to say "No" to shopping with him would have caused a mini meltdown and it is just better to avoid it entirely.

So the lesson today is.... OK there is no lesson today. As Calvin and Hobbes used to say, "Live and not Learn, that is us." Right now that is the way I feel.

Scarlett used to say that she would think about it tomorrow. I think, for today I will think about it tomorrow too.

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