Thursday, February 4, 2016

Today's lesson - ear infection

Today's lesson:  
Today The boy came and told me abt an ear complaint.  He was having trouble w his left ear.  I used wax cleaner stuff and it irritated it. After talking to the cuter half we decided to take the boy to a Walgreens clinic.  
The one available had an appt at 12.  
After a bout of screaming ("You are a fucking bitch" "I hate you you stupid mother-fucker": there's more but you get the idea) I got the boy to Walgreens.  It was about a 20 min drive (in the Midwest everything is 20 minutes away or in the Loop) while driving to the clinic the boy started apologizing. A lot (raised eyebrows here). We got lost getting to the store/clinic - found it and checked in early for his appt. 
initially, the nurse said, "we no longer clean out ears" then I mentioned a possible ear infection. She proceeded to throughly clean out his ear. This took several minutes and was very painful. - after checking again she discovered I was right.  The boy did have an ear issue and a ruptured ear drum from infection.  No idea how long he's had it as he only expressed concern this AM. 
Since he is likely to have more than just one ear I asked her to check both as a young one he usually got them
In both ears. 
The big thing is that as he gets older he needs to learn to listen to his body. To pay attention and be proactive instead of waiting so long it takes 1/2an hour to clear out his ears. 
All of this takes practice - he's getting better at talking to docs about issues but still is not great about telling cuter half and if he's really ill. 

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