Monday, February 1, 2016

Storage Solutions- Hello it's me.

today's post is something that I have had to deal with lately. Storage issues.

The cuter half and I redid the master bedroom- painted, redecorated and all that. We lost a dresser in the changes - We will be getting another one but we had to take the one we had and move it out since we need a smaller one for the space that we have (and it doesn't go- we are doing darker wood in this room). ANYHOW I have had to put in short, long term storage some clothing items that I want around but don't use every day.

Use this link to listen to the recording I made. It isn't perfect but it will do for a first time attempt.

I have attached some pictures of what I did (I think it is a cool short term idea) maybe it will help you too. Hey the blog is about Aspies and collectively they are notorious for organizational issues.

Starting out:

Step 1- Choose your fabric. I used old queen sized flannel sheets. Fold in half and cut down the center.

 Step 2 - Use sharper fabric cutting scissors- they work better on heavier fabrics, like my flannel here.

Step 3- Obviously now you have enough for two baskets. I made up 2 baskets using the RE Sterilite baskets I had gotten at Target.

 Step 4- Cover the basket with one sheet, Try to center it then shove it down with one hand.

Step 5- Let Kitten help- Garfy-kitten is always around to lend a paw.

Step 6- Load up whatever you are storing and fold the fabric over the top.

Step 7 - Finished product. All tucked in and ready to store under the bed or in the closet. 

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