Tuesday, January 12, 2016


One of my college roommates reminded me of a time where I would jump on the couch and lip sync to David Bowie. I remember dancing and trying to imitate a graceful move that probably landed me right on my butt. Usually I would sing one of the 80's favorites- "Let's Dance", "Heroes" or one of the other popular radio highlights.

I think the reason David appealed to me what the fact that he just flat out "said it" in his music. There were no garbagie blah-ness-ick. there was Bowie, singing, sometimes dancing and working his head off. Greatness within a person is truely rare and sadly his family has lost their stardust. It really is devastating for them. I believe, though, that a strength for them is the actual business acumen that David showed - 'BlacklStar" ( I shouldn't write when I've had several martinis I make stupid mistakes)  is one of his best pieces of work. Has left them and us a legacy - in music- and also how to take care of those we love.

Taking care and making certain that they are able to handle themselves when we are not here anymore. I worry about that a lot....the boy has a lot of brains and very little sense about what he needs to do and how to do it. I don't mean like work and stuff. I think he will be OK in that venue. I more mean regular life skills. Feeding himself, setting up his meds, reading his health insurance plan, you know- the fun stuff....the little picky stuff that most people wish they didn't have to do but are glad it is done for the week when it is completed.

Oddly enough I had heard that the boy was taught that in HS. Apparently they didn't teach him what he needed to know outside the school life- why balancing your checkbook is a big deal. How much money do you think you need at a given time for a purchase. What you need to do to get a mortgage and why this is important. What is better? Free online item and spend enough for free shipping or getting the free online item and paying the shipping. What about online banking- they didn't even touch that one. Credit cards? Nope- in fact the boy told me he is afraid of them after seeing what has happened to friends of his who used them and couldn't pay them back.

I think that the life skills we can learn by watching David Bowie are kind of important. He was iconic in his music; but look at his financial portfolio (Bowie Bonds- absolute genius). He has cared for his family in a way that will help his wife, Iman, and his two kids. THAT is important. He was able to rest in peace knowing he had covered his family in the best way he could when he wasn't around any longer.

I will never be a financial David Bowie, but I am going to be damn sure the boy will be able to balance his checkbook, pay his bills and stay employed. Deep down I know that the boy will be able to take care of himself and do what he needs to do....I hope your Aspie can do the same things too.

In the mean time, "Let's Dance"

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