Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Allergies- over use of laundry soap

We have been on the short end of the stick with allergic reactions lately.

The cuter half is allergic to any number of things and it has been years since he has had problems. Lately though it has gotten worse; he is really suffering so we went through everything (food, vitamins, household cleaners, cat fur, weather; you name it) and finally determined what the problem was.

Laundry Soap.

Yup that is it. Laundry soap. He is reacting to over exposure of the new pod format and it is really bothering him.

Which means we went to a laundromat in town. Anyone who lives in the burbs knows that a laundromat is a pretty rare commodity. We finally found one in town near the mall. The owner is a sweet man who has put up with us for the last couple of days. He thought we were off our rockers NOT using soap- we didn't need soap all we needed was water, the clothes, et al provided all the soap we needed. Watching the clothes getting wet and all the soap coming out of the clothes (who needs soap through your clothes in and watch) made us realize how MUCH soap had been going into our clothes. OMG.

We are now NOT going with what is on ads (shit have you seen the over use on those things holy crap) Retraining the boy is another matter; he was doing laundry for grandma and now he is relearning that we don't need as much to clean our clothes. (Grandma's clothes had other issues and more soap was necessary).

SO today's lesson is - watch your laundry soap usage; usually covering the bottom of the cup is more than enough. Over use is not always better it can cause hives, chemical burns and other issues that will be pretty dreadful to the sufferer,

I am still planning on getting rid of our front load washer- that thing is a bloody menace to our home (cute one FINALLY agrees with me). Cleaning it after every 5-7 loads? Seriously? I spend more money on cleaning (and water for) the stupid thing than what I am actually using it. Currently, I am in for a top load washer (clean 1x per month) and am currently taking recommendations. FYI- please ton't tell me how wonderful your front loaders are; the amount of laundry I do for us and my Mom is ridiculous and frankly a front loader is not able to handle our usage requirements. In one day I can do upwards of 10 loads of laundry. A front loader is not capable of handling 10 days of 10 loads every day. I have done it and have borne with a ton of frustration.

ALSO while doing all of this great stuff ("Watching the clothes go round" is a song you know), I have a new book recommendation: Troublemaker by Leah Remini. Really great book and very telling about a number of different things. Although she had applied this to Scientology I can see this being applied to mega-churches as well. I have been reading this book while hanging out at the laundromat- if I started singing I think the owner would have sworn I was on something- I am adding one of my favorite songs here just for fun:


  1. hello.happy new year.i get your blog .ALLERGIES are very
    very common in autism..aspergers..I,am very very snotty
    nosed 12 MONTHS OF THE YEAR i .do a blog,

    1. Hi- thanks for commenting. Allergies are common with autism that is very true. Our son has Aspergers and he is allergic to dairy. He has been drinking almond milk for several years now. There are a lot of people who have allergies; my husband is sensitve to things, he has red hair. Sometimes those people have reactions to things that might not bother others.


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