Thursday, March 5, 2015

Guest Blogger Today. The Boy

Today's guest blogger is my irrepressible "boy". He was working on an assignment and I liked it so much I asked him if we could put it on here.

Therefore I get to show off and say, "See what expectations can do!!!!!!!!!"

The websites he chose are below:
For "students with disabilities"
1., the United States Department of Education

For "teaching students with disabilities"
2.  at the University of California at Berkley
    Developed by: National. Dissemination. Center for Children with Disabilities

            I think these sites are interesting because even at a younger age a disabled student should be encouraged to think about getting ready for college. All students can go to college and be in regular classes. I think limiting a disabled student because they are disabled is wrong. Unfortunately,  most teachers do it whether they realize it or not. I should know. I am disabled. I can tell when a teacher is thinking I am stupid because I have Aspergers.  My parents were told I could never attend college, or even graduate high school.  We need our future educators to be better educated in the accomplishments disabled students can achieve if they are given the proper support and encouragement.   We need disabled students to feel welcome and included in the school environment and not relegated to the special education classroom, resource room, or "special" section of the classroom.  Students who feel included and are included regardless of the preconceived notion of their ability will accomplish amazing things

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