Sunday, March 16, 2014

Get off my hallway floor!

We were busy yesterday.

The boy had an appointment in the AM. Usually we are the 7 AM appointment with this doctor. Normally I make these appointments for some emergency reason or the fact that we are scheduled to the hilt and don't have much time during the regular week.

The cuter half made an observation (it is coming later in the story- wait for it)- we were in the office with the boy discussing his medications. Usually I have to answer the questions but this time the doc asked the boy. "What are you taking? What vitamins? Why? What do you think about this? How do you feel?
The boy had to answer. Some questions he didn't know the answer to...he just couldn't think that quickly.

Then it came out.

The doc told the boy, "Well, you HAVE TO CONFORM OR YOU WILL BE IN A GROUP HOME. End of Story. Stop blaming your parents for making you do your homework Quit whining and get it done."

As Emiril would say, "BAM!"

Then while we were talking to her she told us about a patient who was laying in her hallway. The hallway isn't dirty but it certainly isn't clean and why the hell would some kid lay in a doc office hallway? What are the parents thinking? Yeah, it is easier to let the kid do what they want (spin, wear underwear on their heads) but the real parenting comes in where you tell them, "Get up. Get off the floor. Sit down read a magazine and do not move until we are called."

Kind of like the movie theater thing- get a movie theatre and then keep the lights on and let the kids wander around the place and do whatever. How are they going to learn to sit on their butts and watch a movie? Too loud? USE earplugs. I used to carry the little yellow ones in my purse to put in the boy's ears during a movie. How are the kids to learn HOW to sit at a doc office if allowed to lay in the hallway? It is all the same thing.

As I would delicately say, "Holy Shit Batman."

After the boy left the room (and I stopped laughing - it took me a minute or two) She have me some tips on what to do do allieviate some potential issues...the preseverating, the obessive compulsive the arguing the constant mouthing off.... (I get to become a drama queen....I will keep you posted on how that goes). Then the cuter half muttered, "Finally someone got their big girl pants on and told the boy how it is (he won't listen to us)."

Oddly enough, there were a number of different ways I wanted to write about this stuff. I really had some thoughts going through my head about how to handle it and which way to go.
I mean, really, how often does a doc come in tell your kid to grow up and start acting his age and then tell him to do what he needs to go or he will end up in a group home becuase your parents have had enough of the special ed whining bullshit (my term) and that he needs to get his act going and start doing this stuff and leaving the cuter half and I alone....cause we are very tired of hearing about it.

I am still wrapping my head around it.

It was a glorious thing to hear. So validating for both of us. We are worn down, burned out and extremely tired.

ROCK on Doc - ROCK on.


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