Friday, February 28, 2014

Replacing your ink cartridges

Isn't this one of the most mundane jobs ever?
We have this "new" printer and it tells me when each color needs replaced. That usually is fine and the 3 colors most often end up blowing out all at once.
Not this time...and it kind of annoyed me that the printer refused to accept the changes that I wanted to make but instead told me I was only able to change 2 colors since the other one wasn't worn out yet.

So kind of like having the junk mail in the email box, I get the feeling I am going to be stuck with an extra yellow ink cartridge until the end of time....yellow is kind of a nice color. It has never been my favorite although there are people who tell me that brunettes can wear yellow and not look washed out. Anyway this replacement thing is really bothering me. Why wouldn't the printer accept the change I wanted to make? Its not like I was doing anything wrong- but the printer is basically programed to save me $$.

In another view this same situation could be seen as stepping outside your box or comfort zone. I am not comfortable wearing yellow (Do NOT start purchasing yellow items for me- I will toss them in the bin -unless it is a Louis Vuitton)...and I don't like going outside my self determined area. The cuter half and I are discussing moving someday and I am so nervous and panicked and it hasn't even happened yet. It may not ever happen but then again it may....hard to tell. Yet I am scared...I have moved away before and ended up coming back again....I know things are different know but stepping one toe outside the box is frightening.

and here the cuter half and I are, trying to tell the boy that it is OK to step outside his box and zone and try new things. Yet I am aprehensive to move down the block? How ridiculous is that? Kind of like when the boy was small and we 3 went on a boat to check out a real lighthouse. I am fearful of boats, heights and all sorts of things....and yet here we go and before I know it I am walking around the top of a lighthouse to show the boy not to be afraid (the guard railings were little tiny metal thingys). Oddly enough the park ranger told me I was a natural and I didn't LOOK afraid....apparently I put on a good front.
Swimming too- made the boy take swimming classes so he wouldn't miss out if he were at a pool party. Earplugs at movies- and made him sit and watch the movie and not wander same with parades.....loud noises made him fall apart- those little yellow earplugs were/are a godsend. Now things are different. We use earbuds with the electronic equipment. It is up to him to keep them clean, and working. He does but we are really struggling with the cartoon thing.
I hate cartoons as much as I hate video games.

I wish for the day that cable would let me block whatever the hell I wanted to and get rid of the damn cartoon channels except for Saturday AM (in the US its a tradition- although what is programed for Sat AM cartoons now is too damn PC- awful stuff).

Anyway we are working on stepping outside our comfort zone. I think once we are there we will be fine....but the actual stepping out and doing it is another story altogether. Meeting new people has become hard for us too. We are wary, fearful; past experience makes it difficult to feel we are worth getting to know.


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