Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Never been told "No" in his life

I say "No" alot.

More than a lot. All the time. Even when I might ever consider a "Yes" I still say "No".

Unlike most kids my son hears "No" more than "Yes". The cuter half tells me that he can count how often I have said "Yes" on his pinkie finger.

Today the boy heard "No" he also heard that he wasn't doing something right and that it wasn't acceptable....he has fallen apart. Part of me thinks, "Well, he has to hear it sometime." the other part of me thinks, "Why is it that everyone wins and we all get a trophy." (back to the first and second looser thing right?)

We make the boy do a lot of stuff. We make him try, we make him step out of the Aspie or Special ed  box we try to keep things going and we are very big on him making more of an effort. He has Aspergers, so he has to try harder and do more and reach further.

It sucks to hear and think that but unfortunately that is how it is. For a kid like him that doesn't have a whole bunch of people to depend on we are looking at a pretty limited contact list.

Right now the boy is fighting us. He has 2 more weeks on his summer thing and then he is off until college starts. He is hating this thing. Really bad. He yells at me from the time I pick him up in the car to when I get him home. He won't drive, he had a fender bender and a ticket and now refuses to drive up there.
The yelling at the cuter half and I has to stop.

We are thinking about group homes just to make our lives easier. It could be so simple and the cute one are trying so hard to keep this kid above water and you know what?
We are effing tired of trying. The boy doesn't give a damn why should we?

Oh and I am also tired of phone calls with lists of things we are expected to do and a house that looks like a bomb hit it and the cuter half and I expected to do everything.

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