Sunday, May 19, 2013

Good night

Once again I am posting about having good manners; or as a good friend says, "Some people need really good executive functioning skills."

Good manners include being on time and not asking people to wait an excessive amount of time.
Good manners include being gracious and saying yes to something even if it makes you nervous and you feel like you are stepping outside your box,
When in doubt? Consult Miss Manners. I use a guide book that was written in the 90's that although is a little outdated at least I don't feel like I was just thrown off the turnip truck.
Many people believe we should teach our aspies good manners. I can say that people regularly tell us how polite the boy is. He is FAR from perfect but at least when he is being his less than perfect self he will still say "Please" and "Thank you."

On a completely unrelated context:
The cuter half and I are feeling a bit validated these days. The boy has done well, grades are decent, he doesn't have to take finals, except for 1 class AND he is graduating on time. Guess we aren't the God-awful nightmare parents some people think we are...people we don't know have heard what the boy has done and how far he will go and are impressed with where he will be...he has so many things he is moving ahead on that the cute one and I are overcome from the support we have gotten in and out of our little group of people (not the ones who think we are awful btw)

We are over the moon.
We are flipping stressed out and exhausted who are we kidding we are so mentally wracked out, up and sideways we don't know applesauce from baby poop. I am so tired, the boy is excited and scared and tired. The cute one is too beyond anything. At any one time we can be happy, sad, scared and then we are fine.
The boy at any one time is going on the behavior of an over indulged six year old. He will have hissy fits and act like a brat.

To countermand all this excitement and joy, I have become a coffee junkie again. There is something about caffiene that seems to be calling me on a different level. Either that or I am needing it to keep awake and not fall like a ton of bricks into bed and pretend that it has all gone a way and we are done now.

Oh, yeah and I am reading un-educational trashy novels too.
Yup, mind has gone to the gutter just trying to keep the mental sanity afloat.

I am certainly NOT complaining. Just stating the facts.

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