Friday, January 25, 2013

Personalizing your computer

I realize that most people are MUCH more tech savvy than the cuter half and I.
They really would have come up with this one TOTALLY on their own.
Not kidding, they really would.

Recently we went to a BIG COMPUTER STORE. We had gotten some stuff for the holidays and I needed to learn HOW to make it all work with all my other stuff on our computer. In the last 6 months we had been hacked, we had been virus-ed upon and we had all our personal information stolen.
I was at a loss. I have managed (or mis-managed) the tech in the house ever since we got a computer. I have made NUMEROUS bone-headed mistakes and I have also done things that most computer places haven't done and fixed things myself.

I have also done really stupid computer-related things too. Getting SPAMMED was a big one and I have been overtly cautious ever since.


A tech person at the BIG COMPUTER STORE gave me a GREAT idea. This is something we should have done AGES ago. We are separating the computer stuff. The boy's stuff goes in HIS section. The papers, the access the scanning. It is ALL separate. ITS GREAT.

Actually, I am more psyched about this because there is stuff I just don't want him having access to. I am NOT comfortable with him having unlimited access to accounts where really it is none of his business.
The cute one and I have a life outside of him.
OK, no we don't. But darn it we are trying to have a life outside of the boy.

Shoot. Now that sounds pathetic.

The pluses for the boy having all his stuff separate?
#1. I DON'T Have to SEE IT.... Big YEA!
#2. He doesn't get free access to every single stupid website. I can control where he goes and what he does when he is there.....I love more bogus viruses, Trojans (not the fun kind), or nasty worms popping up with a day or two dealing with the computer company trying to fix it.
#3. A semblance of privacy. Yeah, dumb, but when you are sharing a computer and files with others there is a certain sense of intimacy that comes with that. Families are supposed to be in each others stuff. I akin this to reading someones diary....which can either be boring or some stuff you would really rather not know.

Recently the boy has been sick....really sick. So sick he got sent home from school and can't go back until he gets to the doc sick.
We have insisted that he keep up with the homework. He has done pretty well. He has finished projects. He has sent in his daily work for his classes and he has organized himself to finish as much as he can at one time.
He sounds sicker than a dog.
He is bored at home and wants to go back to school....I guess making it so he can't leave his bedroom, he has little or no access to anything fun and he isn't allowed to call or invite people over....kinda puts a damper on things.

Making the computer stuff separate takes more work on the cuter half and my part. it doesn't allow for not signing in and out of the user thing. It does make it easier in the long run when the boy has multiple papers to do and have access to online classes.....and I don't have to think about what else he needs to do or what else is going on.....
and he can't read our stuff either.

Besides who would want their adult teen to read there stuff anyway? Not like they would pay attention or really understand what the parents are talking about anyway.
Privacy, to my Aspie teen, means telling his mom he "needs a private moment." EWWWW I don't want to know about that.....

Ultimately it is the best of both worlds.

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