Monday, May 18, 2015


As a parent of a special needs kid/young adult there are times when I am skeptical of others motives.

The others could be other students, parents, people, cats dogs and what-have-you. In fact, there is a Mr. Robin-busybody who is trying to build a nest near our backdoor light. At first I thought it was funny, but after a while, and a good dose of "Critter Ridder" (eau de pepper spray) that finally convinced the robin to move along.

I do NOT intend to be skeptical. This malady seems to be one of those pesky things that has been put upon me. I wonder at some peoples use of terms, or lack of compassion for those who are disabled. I really hope those people have karma bite them in/on/up their ass. Which really is not a generous thing for me to say....but then there are times that I am too tired to feel generous to those who have not been generous to others than themselves.

Usually when I think of the word "skeptical" I start humming the Wicked song, "Popular" for some reason those two terms seem to run hand in hand with me. Which may explain my current state of mind. I am feeling slightly overwhelmed. I am working and enjoying my new job, however it is really physically demanding and usually I am hobbling  to my car and in the door at home by the end of the seems like I want to really consider some things but I am just too damn tired to care.

The boy, cuter half and I have been kind of having a tough time getting along. We are having some respect issues and there are a number of other problems that seem to be coming down the pike. Although we are unsure of what is coming in the next year or so we are trying to be positive (through our constant state of exhaustion) and using our time a little more proactively. The boy decided to take some classes online this summer. He had success in the spring and fall with online classes and he finds his concentration is better as well as his grades. He feels that he misses social interaction but at this point he is wanting to get done with school and "never return".

He is always wanting to learn something... he has been reading his textbook for a class he is taking and his comment tonight was that it was "much more detailed" than he remembered from prior classes. He is working on any number of things at home and helping around the house. I started the listing it out thing again and now including making the boy's own meals. He is also in charge of laundry, cat feedings (during the day if needed) and cleaning his own room (debatable).

I am just too blasted tired to know/think/wish what will happen with the boy.


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