Friday, February 13, 2015

Have you read The Alchemist?

"So why is it so important to live our personal calling if we are only going to suffer more than other people do?"

"We do not realize that love is just a further impetus, not something that will prevent us from going forward. We do not realize that those who genuinely wish us well was us to be happy and are prepared to accompany us on that journey."

"Each day, each hour is part of the good fight."

Quotes by Paulo Coehlo

Finding the treasure within.

What a concept; each of us has a treasure within ourselves to use, rely upon, and learn to know. How one locates the actual inside of your soul is your individual life-long journey.

That just gives me the chills.
Thinking about my day today....

I did laundry, the washer quit (it decided it wanted a break), the washer tub leaked on the floor, then Princess' laundry was still soaked...I worked on that - at least the laundry room is sparkling clean...the boy asked me to edit a paper that he wrote....he has issues with semi-colons. Then fed the cats, Troubles is now liking pumpkin but I much preferred his fur when he was on greenbeans. He and his furry brothers shed more now. I am not even done with my day....there is more....putting out job applications...I swear if I had by truck driving license I would have a job by now.

Where is the treasure in all that?

I have taken mundane housewife to a whole new level....and I am not even very good at it. There are some of my friends who are amazing....they can do it all and have a spotless home to boot. I don't feel like there is a treasure there.

A thought just ran through my head Luke 12:34 34"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

I guess my treasure would be socks, underwear, cat barf and home organizer.
I often wonder about what I am supposed to do. Like Santiago, the wandering shepherd boy who dreamed of Egypt, I know the cute one and I have plenty of dreams - when we actually have the energy.

So the question is "What is treasure?"
Defined it is a quantity of precious metals, gems, or other valuable objects. OR to keep carefully

Now specifically, "What is your treasure?"

Is it prepping for work?
Doing things the right way or just half assed?
Not being good enough, smart enough or social enough?
What about taking care of yourself, your kids, pets and helping others?

I think mine is with the cuter half and the boy (if I get into the family bit - well I would forget someone so lets just not go much further).
I am sad to say it isn't church. To the cute one and I churches are scary, some of the experiences we have had, well we keep our distance. We are afraid to get attached.....

So we go into dreaming - or wanting to try new things...when we have the energy. Or have slept enough the night before.

I am going to read The Alchemist....I will, I might not get to it until I can get another Itunes gift card though....I am on a bit of a tighter budget and I think I have already spent the one I had at Christmas.

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