Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Alien Possession (serious language alert)

Please note- if you comment about what a rotten parent I am that means YOU get to come and help and I really need someone to assist with the kitties and the housecleaning... the cute one and I could use another day off.....

We have been invaded by ALIENS.....at least that is what I am thinking with what has been going on lately. 

I believe that saying bad or good luck is kind of lame so if I blame it all on aliens I won't feel so weird about all the hassle this semester with the boy. Fortunately things have calmed down since my lovely cousin and her patient husband came to assist the boy with a difficult class - It has gotten much better in the last week or so since they were here....

THAT being said- MOST of this is the boy being frustrated with the current situation and the amount of extra work/practicing that we are requiring. ALSO NOTE THAT - Aspies do not get practicing. Most are perfectionists that are able to do it right the first time without a ton of effort (explaining that these buggers are smart, and able to do the work).


Here is the story- I will get to the alien possession part soon....

I think I need a cattle prod. NO I am not serious keep your twisted undies out of your clinch.

Pretty recently, the boy had been telling me it is my job to contact an old teacher of his so he can go to the movies with a group of people he used to hang out with. ????????? No I don't think so.

Then I got to hear about how I was a "lazy pooper" which, being the good Mom that I am, I proceed to tell my son if he calls me that it means I am within my rights to call him "dip shit". He then tells me that I am not allowed to call him names....Excuse me? He continually yells in my ears and then tells me that I must do whatever because it is "my job" as his Mom. Seriously, really? He is perfectly capable of writing a text message or an email.
No. It isn't my job and it is time for the boundaries to be back in place. I wonder if there are firewalls available and if I can put them up in my home.....

I will not be ordered around by some unimpressive know-it-all who thinks he is perfection itself but in reality knows nothing at all. When the boy annoys me this much I really don't care what is Aspergers and what is normal. The most I want to do right now is lock him in the garage until he is a human again. I have heard that normally happens around the age of 21; for the boy I am thinking it will happen around age 26 or 27. The other evening I asked the cuter half if I could move the boy to the garage. The cute one said "No, it will be all right. The boy cannot go to the garage there is no space for a bed or even a blow up mattress."

this is not our garage- we do not have a path.....


It is horrible and intolerable to be around the boy right (developmentally he is about 15) now. He can be downright mean...and yeah I know responding with "dip shit" is not mature parenting.

For instance, on a charming Friday afternoon not long ago, I was exposed to a classic example of self entitlement. I got an earful of "You mother fucker how dare you make me walk to and  from from ______________. Open this God-damned door, bitch, you owe me because I am not going to get out my key." It was so outrageously ludicrous all I could do was stand there and laugh- while he was pounding on the door, and the glass yelling at me, "You fucker you will open this door right now." (even better, the new neighbors were walking by and heard the entire thing- YEA). It is no wonder the neighbors won't talk to us or act like we exist....I wouldn't talk to us either if I heard someones kid going off like that. BTW- I didn't open the door, and the boy did get out his key. Then I got to hear about how "You are a lazy piece of shit and you never do anything for me."

this is not my garbage bag- I would need a larger one.

I guess this means I can take his clothes and throw them out the front door. He certainly doesn't need me to do his laundry for him; as I never do anything anyway, The cute one told me I can't do that though so I guess I am doing the boy's laundry - still.

Lately the cute one and I are really burned out and really sick of the drama and unfortunately it hasn't gotten better with time.

I wonder if we have some wine in the fridge. I think right now that is about the only way I can stand being anywhere near him after a fun afternoon and evening of being told I am a "fucker and a piece of shit".

Oddly enough, after a day of this - he comes up to me after his shower and is being nice. All please and thank  you......It is freaking me out and I am not going to say anything to him because it will erupt again and I don't want to hear about it any more.

People tell me that he is never like this to others outside the home. He is polite, nice and pleasant to be with. I think they must be talking about someone else's kid. An alien must have taken possession of him during those nice and polite times. That is certainly NOT the person we know 90% of the time here at the house. Lately, I have refused to be in public with him and I certainly don't want to talk to him unless I absolutely have to. The boy is lucky to have the cuter half. If I were a single parent he certainly wouldn't be here any more. He and his lazy ass would be in a group home.

I hope the wine is chilled by now. I really could use a glass or two or maybe the whole bottle.

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